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Scuba Diving

It all started in 1934, in the rocky coves near Marseilles, on the Mediterranean coast in southern France .
It’s a fascinating story that begins with a keen underwater sportsman, Georges Beuchat, and his desire to communicate his fascination for the sea and underwater spearfishing as wide a public as possible.
It is of course a story that continues to this day, marked by innovations that continue to leave their imprint on the lives of all who share his passion.
With the invention of the modern «isothermal» wetsuit, Beuchat and underwater diving took a giant step forward into a new era, into modernity – an unequivocal modernity admitting of no compromise on quality.
To this day all our Beuchat products are designed in France and many are made in our own workshops.
Over and above our technical skills and our ability to innovate, it is the Beuchat spirit which makes the difference.
Pioneering by nature, Beuchat has constantly anticipated the expectations of our customers in the quest for the indescribable thrill that only efficient, reliable and comfortable
80 YEARS equipment allows divers to enjoy.

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